About Us

Art + Technology.
It’s our nature.

Digital PDX is a Portland-based business that specializes in building websites for artists and small businesses world-wide. Created by Martha Warrington in 2002, it is equipped to gracefully help you with your web presence whether that involves creating a new website, solving existing website problems or maintaining the website you already have.

Martha Warrington's unique combination of skills gives her a distinct insight into the relationship between art and technology. Her hands are equally comfortable focusing a camera lens, drawing a bow across a viola or tapping out code and web designs on computer keys. Martha has played in several major symphony orchestras and you can view examples of her photography in her online gallery.

Martha sees the parallels of her three passions. "Music needs to be technically accurate or it doesn't work; and it needs to express beauty or power or it doesn't touch the soul of the listener. The same holds true for photography," she explains, "and I've found that this is certainly true for websites as well."