Websites that move mountains ... And boost businesses.

We believe that when you combine the mysteries and power of art and technology, great things happen. Websites come alive. Mountains are moved. And so are people. That's why, at Digital PDX, we are committed to creating a website that will reach out and touch your audience, compelling them to take action. A website that will spread your services from your neck of the woods to the far corners of the world.

We know how to make your site beautiful to look at. We also understand the intricacies of the latest technology to keep things running smoothly and powerfully. We know all the tricks to avoiding navigation problems, and our extensive problem-solving services are tailored to fit your exact situation. Questions? We enjoy explaining the mysteries of web technology to our clients.

In fact, we limit our client list so we can work closely with you and give you the personal attention-to-detail your website deserves. We appreciate the cost of doing business and we work hard to give you the best possible return on your investment.